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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Big White Wall: February social media campaign

Feeling down or stressed? Try letting a friend know and sharing your feelings with those close to you on @BigWhiteWall_AF. #strongertogether #mentalhealth
This week, try taking some time to reflect on your friendships with those close to you, if you need help - try @BigWhiteWall_AF. #strongertogether #mentalhealth #
Do you have a friend or comrade experiencing #mentalhealth issues who seems withdrawn? Take some time to consider how they might be feeling, reach out & recommend @BigWhtieWall_AF. #strongertogether
Not ready to open up to your mates about your experiences with #mentalhealth? Try @BigWhiteWall_AF supportive, anonymous community instead. #getsupport #strongertogether
Do you have a partner who suffers with #mentalhealth issues and not sure how to help? @BigWhiteWall_AF offer anonymous, online support 24/7 to help you, help them. #strongertogether
Are #mentalhealthissues taking their toll on your marriage or relationship? @BigWhiteWall_AF online community offers courses you can work through for support. #strongertogether
Are you a #carer or supporting someone in your family who is struggling with their #mentalhealth? Take some time for you on @BigWhiteWall_AF. #strongertogether
If you're finding it hard to open up to your family about your struggles, @BigWhiteWall_AF supportive online community can help to support and encourage you. #mentalhealth #strongertogether
Has someone in your family recently been diagnosed with a #mentalhealth issue, or do you suspect something might be up? Try referring them to @BigWhiteWall_AF safe, anonymous & supportive community. #strongertogether
Being #diagnosed with a #mentalhealth issue can be an isolating experience. Share your feelings with others in a similar situation on @BigWhiteWall_AF. #strongertogether #notalone
Talking about mental health can be difficult, but @BigWhiteWall_AF community is here to help you. Why not see what they're all about? #strongertogether #notalone