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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Chester Zoo - Armed Forces Discount


Chester Zoo offer a Forces discount of 10% for the serving person only.  You will need to show your ID/MOD90 at the gate.  

Friday, 20 July 2018

InDependent Spouse

Jess Sands is no stranger to the challenges of starting a business.  A few years ago, she was a successful full-time graphic designer, with a portfolio including Disney, Caroline Gardner and Marks & Spencer.  But when she met her future husband, a pilot in the RAF, everything changed.  Moving house every two years meant that Jess had to give up the career that she loved.  After a year struggling to get employment in a market that is often reluctant to hire military spouses due to their transitory nature, Jess decided to develop her own business Design Jessica.  Since then she has gone from strength to strength.
Jess is passionate about helping other military spouses through the same difficult transition that she made.  Her business specialises in designing logos for new companies being set up by spouses, and as a founder of the Forces Enterprise Network Business Community, she encourages others in similar situations to share their experiences and challenges, helping them to help themselves.  Now she has a new project aiming to give a voice to those who are already achieving amazing things, and to inspire those who dream of doing the same.
The InDependent Spouse is a series of fun, informative weekly podcasts which explores the world of running a business by chatting to inspiring military entrepreneurs.  Aimed at enterprising military spouses, the first series sees Jess interview such luminaries as Heledd Kendrick (Recruit for Spouses), Peter Mountford (Heropreneurs & the Veterans’ Foundation) and Natalie Trezise (Your Home Patch).  Each episode is full of useful tips and amusing anecdotes, many of which will be familiar to those trying to create their own successful businesses while living the ‘magnolia wall life’.
The first series of the InDependent Spouse is available now on iTunes.  Jess is currently selecting for guests for Series 2.  So, whether you are a military spouse starting out in business or are already running a successful company, if you want to share your story and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, you can get in touch with Jess at hello@theindependentspouse.co.uk


Plane Saver - Help to By Loans

Plane Saver - Hassle free Savings

Planer Saver - Finance Differently

Plane Saver - Need a Car Loan?

Plane Saver - Need a Loan?

Step into Health - NHS Employment opportunities

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

MoD launches its first strategy to tackle domestic abuse

The Ministry of Defence has launched its first strategy to tackle domestic abuse within the Armed Forces and defence civilian communities. The strategy builds on existing work by the military in this area, such as providing specialist training to welfare staff, and will include the launch of a campaign to raise awareness across the Armed Forces and enhancing support for civilian staff.

The 'No Defence for Abuse' Strategy aims to partner with specialist organisations to help them understand the unique needs of the service community. It will also work to create a culture of safety and support for those experiencing domestic abuse and their children, taking steps to break down the invisible wall that can deter victims from asking for help.
​For more information and to read the strategy:


Life insurance and financial services for Service Personnel

As of the 30th April 2018, Service Life Insurance SLI365 (https://sli365.com/) closed to new applications although they will continue to provide cover to their existing policyholders.

For advice regarding finance from an MoD endorsed financial provider, please visit one of the following links - 

PAX Military Insurancehttps://insurance.aon.co.uk/pax-insurance

MoneyForce- https://www.moneyforce.org.uk/

Joining Forces Credit Union-  http://www.joiningforcescu.co.uk/ 

Monday, 9 July 2018

Window Safety

During the warmer weather, we all like to let fresh air into our homes, especially at night. Please take time to stop and think - do your windows open so wide that a small child could get through?  Are there any objects or furniture nearby that could be used to climb up and reach the window ledge?
We have installed window restrictors for the safey of your family.
For our own peace of mind make sure that your windor restrictors are connected and test that they work.  It is also a good idea to check the safety of any blind cords in your home.  To reduce the risk poised by looped blind cords, please ensure these are fed back and kept out of reach of children to prevent strangulation injuries. 
If you have any concerns about your window restrictors, please call the CA Helpdesk (0800 707 6000)